Contemporary Services Corporation - The Leader in Crowd management


Thank you for your interest in working for Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC). Before taking the time to complete the application and interview for the Event Staff Position, we want to tell you what it is like to work for Contemporary Services Corporation.

As an Event Staff Member, your required duties may vary greatly as CSC strives to continue providing the high levels of service that our clients and guests have come to expect at events. As a Team Member, you may be required to:

  • Work Shifts on holidays, weekends.
  • Work night events that may extend later in the evening than other types of jobs.
  • Deal with disorderly or intoxicated guests.
  • Walk up and down stairs and stand in one place for long periods of time.
  • Work outside in cold and rainy weather, depending upon your assignment.
  • Be assigned a post, which may not give you a view of the show or game.

Professional appearance is an important part of the CSC Event Staff image. You will be given a dress code for events. At the event, a CSC shirt or jacket will be assigned to you, which you are required to wear properly and in its entirety.

As a member of our team, you will share our Company's goal of providing our Guests with an impressive, consistent level of friendly, attentive and responsive service. As an Event Services Team Member, you are also sincere, positive, and dependable. You take your position seriously, you care about your work and you act professionally.

Your important contributions would include

  • Initiating a sincere, friendly, and personal greeting to guests as they arrive at the venue entrance, aisle, concourse area or other location.
  • Being upbeat, alert and attentive to your job; not appearing distracted or disinterested. Making full eye contact with a guest so that the person knows you are focusing full attention on him or her.
  • Providing guests with helpful directions and/or suggestions, which will enhance their entertainment experience.
  • Offering a sincere "Thank you for coming", "We are glad that you are here" or, "We appreciate your coming tonight", as you complete your encounter with each guest.
  • Smiling! Whether you speak or not, your warm, sincere smile will make every guest feel welcome. This is a very important guest interaction.
  • Using a natural speaking voice, with natural inflections and friendly tone.
  • Being as friendly with guests when they are departing as you were upon their arrival. This means making eye contact, smiling and providing an appropriate phrase, such as "Good night, have a safe drive home", or "Good night, thank you for coming"

This position will provide you with valuable work experience, and also the opportunity to work events and make new friends.