CSC Special Events, led by Dan Sidders and team, provide security and crowd management services at high-profile events across the nation. From planning an event more than one year in advance to the last day of on-site security, the Special Events Team is on hand. Special Events is the premier provider of crowd management services at golf tournaments, All-Star Events, and a multitude of sport and entertainment events.

Our long standing clients include sport entities such as the PGA of America, LPGA, PGA TOUR, MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA, NCAA, USGA. In addition we provide our services to event and management companies such as Octagon Sports Marketing produce large scale events such as The Toyota Texas Bass Classic and multiple event for the PBA. Special Events will also work with ogranizations over seas at international venues.

CSC Special Events provides security services and operations consultation during load-in and build-up and load-out; We cover all aspects of security and management that include; Corporate Hospitality, Merchandise Tents, Spectator Entrances, Perimeter Control, Access Control and many more areas to assist in making all events safe and secure and and a success for all involved.


Listed below is a sample of our current and past clientele and events: 

PGA of America, LPGA, PGA TOUR, MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA, NCAA, USGA, The Toyota Texas Bass Classic


About CSC
Established in 1967, CSC is the world leader in crowd management and event security. The experience and expertise that has been garnered in its 50 years continues to make CSC the #1 choice for securing the world’s top venues and events. CSC’s esteemed clientele base includes more than 150 stadiums and arenas, over 100 universities and colleges, more than 30 convention centers, and numerous clients within the professional ranks of MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NASCAR. CSC has also provided services for the world’s most prestigious special events, including Collegiate Bowl Games, NCAA Final Four Tournaments, Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, US Open Tennis, 30 Super Bowls, 10 Olympic Games, 4 Presidential Inaugurations, 3 Papal Visits, and 2 FIFA World Cups. CSC operates more than 50 branch locations throughout the United States and Canada.